Amur GPP and Amur GCC Public Council holds first 2023 meeting on site

First meeting of the Public Council of Amur Gas Processing Plant and Amur Gas Chemical Complex projects took place in Svobodny on their sites on April 25. Representatives of the public of Svobodny attended the construction sites of these two interconnected enterprises of the gas processing and gas chemical cluster.

First, the Public Council members visited the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) owned, invested and operated by Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk. The project of the largest gas processing facility in Russia has reached over 88.6% of completion by early April 2023. The Amur GPP employees showed the major equipment of the process lines and operations to extract valuable components from natural gas like ethane, propane, butane, pentane and hexane fraction, and helium as the most valuable one, to the visitors. The Amur GPP uses cryogenic (low-temperature) technologies for gas separation and has the top-of-the-line safety and automation systems.

Additional equipment for gas contamination monitoring and leak detection, as well as an advanced process video surveillance systems have been delivered and installed at the plant. Process equipment supply and installation are in progress, and construction and installation works are in full swing on process line 5 and 6.

Afterwards, the Public Council members visited the Amur GCC where they attended the construction site of the pyrolysis unit. Installation of the large-scale process equipment is in progress at the site. Pyrolysis gas, ethylene and polypropylene compressor turbines have had been installed. The unit is seeing concrete works for the foundations under the major equipment, assembly of the steel structures of the pipe racks and installation of the underground utilities.

The visitors also saw the power facilities of the complex under construction. Сonstruction of the main 500 kW power substation is over 85% complete. In addition, they saw the cryogenic air separation station site where installation of steel structures of the main workshop buildings has commenced. They visited the utilities, infrastructure and offsites as well as field infrastructure of the Amur GCC. Amur GCC professionals talked about construction and presented their Open AGCC project.

«We would like to thank our Council partners for the opportunity to visit the construction sites of the enterprises. It is very important for us to see the construction of the industrial giants with our own eyes: Their operation will directly shape the life of the town and the district in the coming decades. Our cooperation with the companies comes down to not just the meetings: the number of joint social projects aimed at development and improvement of the town and the district is growing. The companies always respond to the Council's requests and provide the necessary information in a timely manner,» said Galina Tkachenko, the Chairperson of the Public Council of Amur GPP and Amur GCC projects.