November 2023 year

The company loaded an ISO container with helium produced at the Amur GPP of PJSC Gazprom and sent it by road transport from Svobodny of the Amur Region to the filling point in Novosibirsk.

Commercial products and liquefied helium are being generated on process line 1. The main gas separation unit is undergoing the commissioning preparations on process line 2. Hot trial run of heat pump run in a loop completed.

On November 10, the Gazprom lecture hall hosted a talk of the Amur GPP project, the first gas processing plant in the Far East and one of the world's largest gas processing plants, at the Russia exhibition and forum as a part of the Amur Region Day.

Gazkholodtekhnika will master the manufacturing of domestic aluminum plate-finned heat exchangers under this memorandum. This equipment is used in cryogenic (low-temperature) processes for natural gas processing.