Amur GPP and Amur GCC Public Council holds first 2024 meeting in Svobodny

Heads of the gas chemical companies addressed the public of Svobodny at the first meeting of the Public Council of the integrated Amur GPP and Amur GCC project this year.

According to Yuri Lebedev, Director General of Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk, three process lines enable the production of commercial products at the Amur GPP, and liquefied helium of the highest degree of purification is shipped to customers regularly. The fourth and in the near future the fifth process lines of the plant will be started up soon.

Current status of Amur GPP project implementation is 91.3%. The number of Amur GPP personnel now exceeds three thousand people, among them 32% are the original Amur region residents. Such a high percentage of employment of the local population in non-traditional trades for the region was the result of implementation of the company's educational, social and industrial policy, Mr. Lebedev explained. The company tracks its future employees starting from school. A dedicated Gazprom class opened in 2017 at school 1 in Svobodny, now celebrating the fourth class for high schoolers. The company finances the training for Amur State University and Amur Technical College students under its programme. Many or their graduates are the plant employees.

Construction of Alekseyevsky residential district in Svobodny for the Amur GPP employees and their families is underway. The school and day care facility are preparing to launch by early September. Full-scale construction of a sports and recreation complex, a cultural and leisure center, and an apartment hotel is underway. An important task is to complete the construction of the residential district at the same time as completing the staffing of the Amur GPP, Mr. Lebedev stressed.

Construction of the facilities of the Amur Gas Chemical Complex is underway. At the same time, the Amur GCC is already hiring its operating personnel, that is, the employees who will start up and subsequently operate the complex facilities. Amur GCC personnel is recruited both by attracting experienced professionals from other SIBUR branches and by attracting young professionals to paid internships, that is, senior students and graduates of educational institutions in Svobodny, Amur region and the Russian Far East. Twenty three students of the Amur Technical College (Svobodny) are already undergoing their internship at Amur GCC. They are trained as environmental laboratory assistants, operators of process pumps and compressors, oil refining operators, welders performing manual and partially mechanized welding.

SIBUR representatives regularly hold career guidance events in Svobodny, which help school students develop their knowledge in petrochemistry. As art of the Open Amur GCC project, schoolchildren and future university applicants are offered tours, which allows them to see the construction of one of the largest production facilities in the gas chemical industry, learn more not only about polymer production, but also major career opportunities in SIBUR. First SIBUR class will open in Svobodny soon.

Modern residential complexes are being built in the center of Svobodny for the Amur GCC employees. In partnership with the town administration and the government of the Amur Region, the company continues to implement the projects aimed at creating a comfortable urban environment in Svobodny, as well as projects of the SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program. In 2024, more than 30 such projects are planned to be implemented in Svobodny and Svobodnensky district, including the repair and improvement of specific urban facilities and the creation of new opportunities for their residents.

«Our joint task is to create the most comfortable conditions and the widest opportunities in Svobodny, both by modernizing the existing urban facilities that are important and necessary for all residents, and by creating new and modern public spaces,» commented Sergei Sergeyev, General Director of Amur GCC.

«Our Council is a living, not just a formal structure. Its agenda is developed on the basis of questions that come from the residents of the town of Svobodny and Svobodnensky district. Topical issues are brought up for discussion as a rule. We are constantly getting acquainted with the status of implementation of the Amur GPP and Amur GCC projects. During the presentations, we receive answers to the questions that arise. This is a very effective form of interaction between the residents and the companies. This is one of the opportunities to share problems and wishes,» Galina Tkachenko, Chair of the Amur GPP/Amur GCC Public Council, wrapped up the meeting.