Far East institutions host career guidance meetings with Amur GPP workers

The company held career guidance meetings in five universities and colleges of Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, including Khabarovsk Technical College, Khabarovsk College of Urban Infrastructure and Industrial Production, Pacific State University, Far Eastern State Transport University, and Far Eastern Federal University.

The students personally talked with the Amur GPP's representatives, learned about the company's production activities, working conditions and benefits, and watched a film, whose heroes were yesterday's students, and now the Amur GPP young employees.

«It is essential to raise and look for personnel in the Far East. That is why our focus is on colleges and universities that graduate students in professions in demand at the Amur GPP,» said Aleksei Kuptsov, Head of the Department for Personnel Recruitment, Adaptation, Development and Welfare. Some hundred students attended the career guidance meetings. The workers also discussed further cooperation, including teacher internships and student the on-the-job training at the Amur GPP.