Svobodny tenth-graders receive diplomas of gathering of Gazprom class students in Yamburg

Gazprom class students of Svobodny School No. 1 returned from seventh gathering of Gazprom Classes held at the Yamburgskoye field of Gazprom for the first time. They took part in workshops and developed team projects for four days.

Five people represented the Amur Region at the gathering. Each of them was divided into teams of students from different regions of the country, where one of these teams was developing the Dream Job at World's End project. Gazprom Class student Ekaterina Shokurova designed a presentation on involving youth to the coldest region of Russia, and together with her team presented her ideas to the jury.

«It is not an easy task to involve youth to large enterprises, and even to such regions. I believed that the Amur GPP experience, where a large and modern residential district is being built near Svobodny for its employees, would be useful in this issue. My team agreed with my idea and it became an entry point for further thoughts on the project. We decided to establish a branch of the university, for instance, that enables young people to implement their knowledge in practice in Yamburg and open a port. We have done quite an interesting job with unforgettable impressions,» said Ekaterina.

As a result, she has received the Individual Style and Non-standard Approach diploma with her classmates Danil Gorev and Andrey Makarov getting the Aiming for High Standards award. Vladislav Vdovichenko turned out to be the best in the Successful Implementation of Tasks category. Daria Gordeyko was noted for the confidence and clarity of the presentation.

«I am grateful to organizers of this gathering and glad that I visited Yamburg. I especially enjoyed the trainings and tours around the village, as well as teamwork that enabled me to ally with other students,» said Daria.

In addition, the students learnt about the culture of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the northern people customs, the history of the oil and gas industry development in the region, and listened to lectures by representatives of seventeen Gazprom partner universities, who also talked about prospects for successful fulfillment in the profession after graduation.

More than one hundred and thirty students of six federal districts of the country have taken part in the gathering of Gazprom classes held for the ninth consecutive year. It should be noted that Gazprom class of Svobodny school No. 1 has been implemented on the initiative of Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk (the investor, owner and operator of the Amur GPP) since 2017.