New company apartments for gas industry workers commissioned in Svobodny

Employees of the Amur GPP are welcomed into new houses in Svobodny yet again. More than three hundred company apartments for the operational personnel of the Amur GPP welcomed new residents.

A 9-storey building with 135 apartments was commissioned in the very center of the town of Svobodny at 19/6 Lenina street. All apartments have modern finishing, furniture, plumbing, and household appliances. There is a parking lot, playgrounds for kids, and a sports ground next to the house. Developer Zhiloi Mikroraion LLC has already built eight houses with 602 apartments in Svobodny for the employees of Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk LLC acting as the investor, owner and operator of the Amur GPP.

Members of the operational personnel of the Amur GPP are also becoming the residents of the new Alekseevsky residential district now. The new residents have received the keys to another 195 apartments with finishing, furniture, and household appliances here. There are children's and sports grounds and a football playing area in the area next to the houses.

Developer Zhiloi Mikroraion LLC continues the construction of Alekseevsky residential district for 5,000 people. These are 36 townhouses and 42 apartment buildings with 1,688 company apartments, as well as a school, a daycare facility, a hospital, a community center, and a gym to be built here.