Electric substation on Amur GPP process line 4 now in operation

Natural gas liquids/nitrogen rejection and helium concentrate production unit on process line 4 of the Amur GPP is now receiving electric power according to the design.
This was made possible by the commissioning of another 10/0.4 kV substation. Equipment of the leading Russian companies (such as NIPOM, SVEL, ServisMontazhIntegratsiya and NPP Bresler) has been installed here.
The control, measurement and protection processes at the substation are automated, and no constant manning is required.

All construction and installation works have been completed, the electrical equipment has been tested, and operability of the auxiliary systems of the building has been checked and confirmed at the substation.

This is the sixth of the nine substations for the power supply of the licensed units of the Amur GPP. Similar ones are already in operation on process line 1, 2, and 3.