Last pair of Russian-made Ladoga gas pumping units arrives to Amur GPP

The sixth pair of Ladoga gas pumping units 32 has arrived at the Amur GPP. They will be installed on the sixth process line of the plant in the near future. Sites and hangars for the placement of the units are being built here around the clock and concreting of the foundations has already been completed. About 70% of the main steel structures of the hangars have been installed.

Ladoga gas pumping units 32 are manufactured in Saint Petersburg at Nevsky plant. The units overcame the main route with a length of more than 8 thousand kilometers to the Amur GPP by rail in just 27 days, which is a record time. Delivery on this route took up to 85 days in previous years.

Ladoga gas pumping units 32 are the most powerful domestic equipment items that are the key elements of the booster compressor stations of the Amur GPP. The booster compressor stations are designed for compressing the sales gas before it is supplied to the gas pipeline. Ladoga gas pumping units 32 feature high output and efficiency, reliability under harsh climatic conditions of the Far East of Russia, such as low temperatures and seismicity of up to 8 points.