Amur GPP construction is 87.52% complete in early December 2022

Commissioning and pre-commissioning are underway at the main gas separation unit on the Amur GPP process line 1. Pre-commissioning is underway at the gas fractionation and NGL treatment unit.

Functional tests of chemical analysis system are in progress on process line 2.

Pre-commissioning is in progress on process line 3. Target value achievement for gas quality is work in progress at the unit for dehydration and removal of impurities.

Oil flushing of the rotating equipment commenced on process line 4. Oil flushing and loop testing of automated process control systems are underway at Ladoga gas pumping units 7 and 8. 

The main equipment for the compressor station ventilation is installed; installation of the internals and the cold box is nearing completion on process line 5. 

Installation of the steel structures of the rack is underway on process line 6. 

Installation of 16 out of 18 industrial waste disposal cells is complete and 70% of road slabs are laid at the solid domestic and industrial waste landfill. Installation of a gas pipeline to two units for thermal treatment of solid waste and a gas pipeline from Amur GPP to solid domestic waste landfill is complete.