Amur GPP construction is 87.32% complete in early November 2022

Loop and functional tests of the equipment, additional leak tests, drying and inerting of the pipelines and units are underway on process line 1 and 2 of Amur GPP. Pre-commissioning is underway at the gas fractionation and NGL treatment unit of process line 1. Zeolite is now loaded into the adsorbers; the fire-fighting system, including the depropanizer and debutanizer sprinklers, is now tested.

Additional leak tests, drying and inerting of the pipelines and equipment are nearing completion on process line 3. Construction and pre-commissioning of the unit for dehydration and removal of impurities are complete.

Installation and pre-commissioning are underway at Ladoga gas pumping units 7 and 8 on process line 4. 

Installation of the main steel structures of the rack is underway on process line 5. Main electrical and ventilation equipment is now installed in the indoor switchgear buildings.

Erection of the main steel structures and cladding of the compressor building are underway on process line 6. Sandwich-panel cladding of the indoor switchgear building is complete.

Installation of 14 out of 18 industrial waste disposal cells, 2 units for thermal neutralization of solid waste, and 2 fire-fighting tanks are complete at the solid household and industrial waste landfill.