Comprehensive industrial environmental monitoring starts in Amur Gas Processing Plant construction area

Comprehensive industrial environmental monitoring has started within the construction zone of the Amur Gas Processing Plant. The experts from the Center of Laboratory Analysis and Technical Measurement for the Far Eastern Federal District, Khabarovsk, assess the air quality every year in March.

Atmospheric air is sampled in the sanitary protection zone of the plant, as well as on the border of the nearest settlements of Svobodnensky district. There are six control points in total. The sampling is done during the week for seven indicators. The experts use their instruments to assess the level of carbon and nitrogen oxides, nitrogen and sulfur dioxides, hydrocarbons, benz(a)pyrene and hydrogen sulfide, as well as suspended solids. They are noting at the sampling stage that they are not recording any harmful impurities and contaminants with their measurements. But in order to get the final result of their study, the samples will be sent to the laboratory.

The condition of soil, water bodies, and other environmental components within the plant construction area will be checked in May.

The results of the comprehensive industrial environmental monitoring of the Amur Gas Processing Plant held since the beginning of the plant construction confirm annually the compliance of the main parameters with the Russian and international environmental protection standards.