Amur GPP construction is 88.38% complete in early March 2023

Pre-commissioning and commissioning are in progress on the Amur GPP process lines 1 and 2. 
Pre-commissioning and commissioning are in progress at the main gas separation unit on process line 3. 

Leak testing, oil flushing and installation of electric heating systems of the pipelines are underway on process line 4. Tests of the lifting mechanism and preparations for cold run of compressor are underway at Ladoga gas pumping units 7 and 8.
Process line 5 is seeing the strength and tightness tests of the installed process pipelines. Electrical works are in progress at substations of NGL/nitrogen recovery and helium concentrate unit and helium fine purification, liquefaction and filling unit.
Process line 6 is seeing installation of the main steel structures.