Russian Federation Council members visit Amur GPP and residential district in Svobodny

A delegation of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation visited the Amur GPP and the company-built residential district in Svobodny during their business visit to the Amur Region. The Council members headed by the Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee Andrey Kutepov were accompanied by the Governor of the region Vasily Orlov and the town head Vladimir Konstantinov. The parliamentarians took a tour of a number of new facilities important for the town, including the first municipal gas boiler house built under the gasification program, as well as the new Alekseevsky residential district for the plant employees.

«The new residential district is very promising. We need to build more of these. Large companies that have global significance and great prospects have been built in the country in recent decades. They should have an accompanying modern social infrastructure,» says Mr Andrey Kutepov.

Andrey Belousov, Deputy General Director of Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk LLC, and Mikhail Shirokov, General Director of the developer Zhiloi Mikrorayon LLC (Gazprom Group members) offered a tour of the district for the Council members. The district will have a daycare facility with an indoor pool for 350 visitors and a school for 900 students. Construction of these facilities is nearing completion. A clinic with departments for adults and children, an entertainment center, a general store with consumer service, and an all-purpose sports and training hall are being built in the district.

«All of the social facilities will be available not only to the employees of the Amur GPP, but also to the town residents,» says Mr Belousov.

The Council members also visited the construction sites of the Amur GPP and the Amur GCC and learned about the projects for the construction of the first gas processing plant in the Far East and its associated gas chemical complex in detail. These plants form the basis of a new cluster for advanced natural gas processing in the east of the country.