Additional anti-epidemic safety measures introduced at Amur GPP to mitigate the risks of an increase in morbidity rate against the spread of a novel omicron strain of coronavirus

This information was presented by Aleksandr Grebenyuk, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Head of Medical Safety of NIPIGAS JSC at the request of Amur GPP/Amur GCC Public Council.

Control over compliance with the face mask-wearing regime and temperature measurement at the entrance to offices and workplaces has been intensified. Workers are prohibited from visiting any work facilities in case of any signs of viral diseases. Preventive disinfection of the office premises is carried out at least twice a week.

At least 25% of the workers of the companies involved in the project are screened by PCR testing on a weekly basis for early detection of the disease. All workers undergo mandatory PCR testing upon arrival at the site of the Amur Gas Processing Plant: until they receive a negative result, they are strictly prohibited from entering any offices and construction areas. All meetings are held in the videoconferencing mode and online.

Vaccination rate of the manpower at Amur GPP is 91.7% for now, so high collective immunity is ensured at the project thanks to this. Vaccination and re-vaccination continues at the hospital on the territory of Amur GPP. In case of an increase in morbidity, the medical infrastructure of the project is ready to accept new patients. The 88-bed infectious disease hospital is equipped with modern equipment, including a PCR laboratory, a CT scanner, and ventilators. The hospital has 86 professionals on staff. A dispensary hospital revamped and equipped by NIPIGAS JSC, the project general contractor, is in operation at Svobodny town hospital. A closed circuit providing treatment for incoming patients is organized here.

392 beds are deployed at the isolation ward and 596 beds are available in the observatories at Amur GPP. Backup beds are also available: 168 ones for the isolation ward and 1,260 ones for the observatory. The project has a stock of medicines and disinfection products. The situation is controlled by the ad-hoc task force.

Since the beginning of the pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection announced by WHO in March 2020, a set of preventive safety measures aimed at preventing its mass spread has been implemented at Amur GPP project:
— The site has been switched to the «closed circuit» mode;
— Disinfection of transport and public areas, as well as temperature measurement of the personnel are carried out regularly;
— Preventive disinfection of the places of mass gathering was carried out;
— Engineering staff has switched to the shift mode;
— A dedicated team has been created in order to ensure the required mobilization for Amur GPP interacting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, as well as with consulates and embassies of other countries;
— Monitoring of all stages of mobilization, including registration of proper permits, is organized on a daily basis;
— Mobilization of all personnel was carried out in accordance with the regulations of a «clean sanitary corridor» by separate flights after observation in other regions under the supervision of COVID officers;
— An 88-bed hospital was built in record time (45 days);
— More than two hundred medical workers were employed at the site, and they ensured sanitary epidemiological and medical safety of the workers, including those of the contractors.

Said measures have significantly reduced the incidence of the novel coronavirus infection at Amur GPP project.