Amur GPP administration building preparing to welcome company employees

Amur GPP administration building preparing to welcome company employees. Seven-storey building with a total area of almost 7,000 square meters is 92% complete. Finishing works are nearing completion now.

The main construction and installation works are finished: thermal circuit of the building has been closed, doors and windows have been installed, its facade has been insulated, heating system has been installed, tested and started. Required temperature conditions have been created for carrying out the works inside the building in winter. Facade facing with aluminum composite panels has reached the final stage. Assembly and arrangement of furniture has finished on the four floors of the building.

Once commissioned, the building with offices, a canteen and an assembly hall will accommodate 285 people of the administrative and process staff of Amur GPP.


The Amur GPP is to be one of the world's largest natural gas processing plants with its annual capacity of 42 bln of cubic meters of gas. Under full load, the Amur GPP is to provide annually around 2.4 mln tons of ethane, 1.5 mln tons of LPG, 200 tons of pentane-hexane fraction and 60 mln cubic meters of helium, which is highly demanded by high-tech industries. The main consumer of ethane and LPG from the Amur GPP is going to be Amur Gas Chemical Complex (joint SIBUR and China's Sinopec project).

To date, the first two lines of the plant have been put into operation, as well as the first helium purification, liquefaction and packaging plant.

Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk LLC (member of Gazprom Group) is the investor, the owner and the operator of Amur GPP. Construction is managed by JSC NIPIGAS.