Liquefied helium shipment from Amur GPP

Two isothermal containers were filled with helium at treatment, liquefaction and packing unit 1 of Amur GPP process line 1 for the first time on September 5. They are now on their way to the consumers.

So called «solar» gas is liquefied at ultra-low temperatures close to that of outer space — negative 269 degrees Celsius. Amur GPP produces valuable gas with 99.9999% purification degree being the highest. It accumulates in the liquefied helium storage tanks at the unit. Isothermal containers are placed on the scales located under the storage tanks. Liquefied helium is loaded into them by gravity via special sleeves. It is then transported with KAMAZ-5490 NEO truck tractors. They use liquefied natural gas as motor fuel. Two cryogenic vessels enable an up to 1,400 kilometer haulage without refueling while fully loaded. Gazprom Helium Service is in charge of transportation.

Amur GPP project provides for operation of three helium treatment, liquefaction and loading units, each with a capacity of 20 million cubic meters of helium per year. After the Amur GPP reaches its design capacity, 60 million cubic meters of helium will be produced here annually, making the plant the world's leader in terms of this value.