Overall progress of Amur GPP construction in October 2021 amounted to 81.51%

Design parameters for production of commerical products, including helium, have been achieved at process line 1 of the Amur Gas Processing Plant. Commissioning is underway on the second process line. Installation and testing for strength and leaks on the process pipelines and thermal insulation is being installed at process line 3. Preparations for commissioning are in progress at the helium purification, liquefaction and loading unit. Landscaping and concreting of the sites and roads are underway at the fifth process line. Installation of steel structures for erection of the key pieces of equipment has been completed. A spiral-wound heat exchanger has been installed at the third helium purification, liquefaction and loading unit, and the assembly of steel structures for installation of the helium loading tanks has been completed. Foundations of the compressor room and the indoor switch gear are being concreted, the pit is being backfilled and sewerage lines are being installed at the sixth process line. Thermal insulation has been completed and electric heat tracing lines on the pipelines have been switched on in the rack area of the utilities, infrastructure and offsites. Building contours of the mechanical repair shop are closed now, and internal works are underway. Construction at the water intake facilities has been completed.