Gazprom Gazonefteprodukt Holding ships helium from Amur GPP to Russian consumers

The company loaded an ISO container with helium produced at the Amur GPP of PJSC Gazprom and sent it by road transport from Svobodny of the Amur Region to the filling point in Novosibirsk.

The weight of the shipped batch was 4,500 kg. It takes about a week to ship helium to the destination.

Helium from the Amur GPP will be supplied on a regular basis meeting the demand for helium on the home market.


Gazprom Gazonefteprodukt Holding is a 100% PJSC Gazprom subsidiary authorized to implement oil, gas condensate and gas oil refining products of Gazprom Group companies.

The company implements liquid helium (in Dewar vessels and in helium ISO containers) and gaseous helium on the territory of the Russian Federation.

ISO containers are a high-tech tank with sandwich-type insulation designed for shipping liquid helium in large volumes.

The capacity of ISO containers is much higher than the volume of Dewar vessels (250 liters), which reduces transport costs and optimizes technical losses. Consumer has the chance to select composition of the end product upon re-gasification: gaseous or liquid helium.