Amur GPP construction is 88.15% complete in early February 2023

Pre-commissioning and commissioning are in progress on process lines 1 and 2 of the Amur GPP.

With the drying and inertization operations over, process line 3 is seeing the completion of insulation of the shut-off and control valves at the main gas separation unit, and pre-commissioning is underway there.

Installation of the electrical heat tracing on the pipelines and installation and pre-commissioning are underway at Ladoga gas pumping units 7 and 8 on process line 4. 

Process line 5 is seeing the strength and tightness tests of the process pipelines.

Installation of the main steel structures is in progress, installation of hangars has finished at Ladoga gas pumping units 11 and No. 12 on process line 6: the units have been installed on their foundations, removed from their containers and passed the incoming inspection.