Amur GPP construction reaches 88.83% completion in early May 2023

Process line 1 and 2 of the Amur GPP project (managed by NIPIGAS) sees completion of improvements to the safety systems of the licensed units. Testing of the automated fire alarm, fire fighting and gas detection systems is complete, among other things. Installation and commissioning of an ultra-sensitive dynamic laser system for detecting methane leaks are in progress. Installation and commissioning of an advanced process video surveillance system are nearing completion.

Mechanical completion of the main gas separation unit and helium unit 2 is achieved on process line 3. Pre-commissioning and commissioning are underway.

Additional leak tests, installation of electric heating systems of the pipelines, and pre-commissioning of electrically operated valves are in progress on process line 4. Pre-commissioning is underway at Ladoga gas pumping units 7 and 8. Testing of a packaged modular compressor at unit 8 is complete.

Electrical works in the substation buildings are in progress on process line 5. Welding and assembly of the oil system, drainage and fire-fighting pipelines at Ladoga gas pumping unit 10 are complete. Welding and assembly of the process pipelines commenced on the booster compressor station.

4,285 tons of steel structures were installed on process line 6.