Loop testing of instrumentation and process control system at main gas separation and helium units of Amur GPP process line 3 complete

Loop testing of the instrumentation and automated process control system at the ethane and natural gas liquids extraction, nitrogen rejection and nitrogen and helium mix unit, helium fine purification, liquefaction and filling unit of the Amur GPP process line 3 has completed.

Commissioning professionals of Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk acting as the owner, NIPIGAS JSC acting as the general contractor, and equipment suppliers and expert organizations have checked and adjusted more than 6,000 measurement and control loops. In particular, regular and upset conditions have been practised by simulating various process parameters. Gas chromatographs for continuous analysis of the components of gas at the plant have been adjusted.
Loop and functional tests of the gas contamination control systems for timely detection of any loss of tightness at pipelines, flange connections, units and vessels have also been performed at the licensed equipment of process line 3. 
It takes more than 3 months to perform the entire list of loop tests of the instrumentation and process control system at these units.