Overall progress of Amur GPP construction by early June 2022 amounted to 85.44%.

Restoration and pre-commissioning are underway on process lines 1 and 2. 

Heat tracing system is being put into operation, pipelines and equipment are being insulated on process line 3. Loading of perlite has commenced and isolation of equipment and pipelines is nearing completion at the helium liquefaction, treatment and loading unit. Construction is nearing completion at Ladoga 32 gas pumping units 5 and 6. 

30 km of process pipelines have been installed, 12 km of pipelines have been tested, and handover of the auxiliary systems to pre-commissioning is nearing completion on process line 4. 

Insulation of the equipment is in progress and installation of internal contact units has commenced on process line 5.

Construction of the racks, concreting of structures, buildings and driveways are in progress on process line 6. Pit is being backfilled and concreting of the rack for the air cooler is complete. Pre-assembly of steel structures has commenced and installation of steel structures for the racks and overpasses is underway.

Main landscaping elements have been completed on the territory of the plant administration building.