Overall progress of Amur GPP construction by early May 2022 amounted to 84.63%

Restoration and pre-commissioning are in progress at process line 1 and 2. 

Insulation of the process pipelines and equipment is nearing completion at process line 3. Insulation of shut-off and control valves and flanges is underway at the helium liquefaction, treatment and loading unit. Cold start of Ladoga gas pumping units 5 and 6 is underway.

Isolation of equipment and installation of the process pipelines are in progress at process line 4. 

Installation of main steel structures of the overhead structure, pipe and cable racks, as well as process pipelines is underway at process line 5. Equipment insulation has commenced.

Concreting of beams and columns has been completed, and installation of main steel structures of the overhead structures and cable racks, main steel structures and cladding of the compressor building are underway at process line 6. 

Equipment has been installed at the sewage treatment plants, and preparations are underway for their commissioning.