February 2022 year

Opening and consecration of the temple built in honor of the Holy Martyr Alexei Nikolaevich, Tsarevich of Russia, the son of the last Russian emperor, took place on February 25 in Svobodny, Amur region.

Company personnel are evaluating not only the assembly of the units, but also their operating characteristics, including their pressure, temperature and vibration.

Head of the company acting as the investor, owner and operator of Amur Gas Processing Plant answered the agency’s questions about the training programs of the company, personnel policy, ensuring industrial and epidemiological safety at the site of construction of one of the world's largest gas processing plants.

Restoration and pre-commissioning are in progress at process line 1 and 2. Anti-corrosion coating application on the pipelines is completed; work on their insulation is underway, pre-commissioning and commissioning have entered the active phase. Insulation works on the process pipelines at the helium treatment, liquefaction and loading unit have also reached their end. Ladoga gas pumping units on the same process line 3 are preparing for loop and functional testing.