15000 of juvenile sazans released into Zeya river by Amur GPP environmental engineers

The Amur GPP environmental engineers held an event related to reclamation of water fauna in the area of the project. Over 15 thousands of juvenile sazans, 5 grams each, were released into Zeya river with participation of Federal Agency for Fishery representatives. These young sazans will have to wait for 5 years until growing up into mature fish. The sazans were brought from Anyui Fishery Plant of Glazrybvod Federal State Budgetary Institution of Khabarovsk Region.

Events on releasing the juvenile fish into Amur Region water bodies are held since 2016. In general, over 60 thousands of juvenile fishes were released into such rivers as Zeya, Bolshaya Pyora and Rakushka for the last six years. These events are a part of Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk LLC (the investor, owner and operator of Amur GPP) and NIPIGAS JSC (general contractor) environmental program.


Amur GPP is going to be one of the world’s largest enterprises on natural gas processing with its annual capacity of 42 bln of cubic meters. Under full load, the Amur GPP is going to produce annually 2.4 mln tons of ethane, 1.5 mln tons of LPG, 200 thous. of tons of ethane-hexane fraction, 60 mln cubic meters of helium (which is a highly demanded product for high tech industries). Main consumer of ethane and LPG from the Amur GPP is going to be the Amur Gas Chemical Complex (a joint project by SIBUR and Sinopec).

For the date, first two trains of the plant are put into operation. Moreover, first helium purification, liquefaction and packaging unit is put into operation.

The owner, investor and operator of the Amur GPP is Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk LLC (a part of Gazprom Group). The construction is managed by NIPIGAS JSC.