Central laboratory has been put into operation at the Amur Gas Processing Plant

May 24, 2021 18:09Central laboratory has been put into operation at the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP). Its staff will evaluate the parameters of the feed gas, control the quality of the products and conduct intermediate control of the process. This division is located in a separate three-storey building of the laboratory building with an area of more than 1000 sq m on the territory of the Amur Gas Processing Plant.

It houses the laboratories for the main production and products, preparation room, washing room, and the staff offices. Analytical and chromatographic laboratories are located in spacious rooms and are equipped with the latest technology, including the modern dedicated furniture made in Russia.

Ten chromatographs are installed in the chromatography laboratory: they determine the composition of the feed gas and products. In particular, the calorific value and density, as well as the concentration of the main components of the products (methane, helium, propane, butane) are evaluated. The most modern analyzers in the analytical laboratory are used to determine the dew point for water and for hydrocarbons in the feed and commercial gas, in the plant nitrogen and plant air. In addition, the impurity concentration in commercial products is determined.

Control of the declared indicators in the feed gas will ensure the reliable and high-quality operation of the gas separation units. Preparation room, weighing room with anti-vibration tables, distillation room, laboratories for analysis of air and condensate samples, and analysis of oils are available for intermediate laboratory control of the process. Separate rooms are available for technical documentation and onsite workshop.

Also, the laboratory building has all the necessary convenient auxiliary rooms: dressing rooms, meal room, room for the maintenance personnel, and warehouses for spare parts of the equipment and personal protective equipment.