February 2017 year

The results of a regular environmental monitoring of the Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP) construction site and the area in the vicinity of the nearest residential block show the the Project is executed in strict compliance with environmental standards.

Amur GPP Construction Site

The first pile has been sunk into the foundation of the future railway bridge over river Bolshaya Pyora (Svobodnensky district) for delivery of the cargoes to Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP).

Construction of Zavodskaya 2 station

The first construction stage of the temporary jetty facility on the Zeya river is completed, which is required to ensure construction activities for the Amur Gas Processing Plant. A quay wall 126 m long was formed. It consists of piles, the total weight of which is some 590 tons. The cavity inside piles will be filled with concrete in order to increase their bearing capacity.